A few days ago, I started building an Instagram clone by following along with Free Code Camp’s tutorial on YouTube.

It is 12 hours long and I’m not even an hour through it yet. It’s been slow going with setting up the app using create-react-app for the scaffolding.

Then, the instructor had us delete files that are not necessary to the project.

We also installed an eslint file for code formatting. The instructor has one that he built himself, based off of the Airbnb eslint format. He said he changed a few things.

When I started using this eslint file, I ran into quite a few formatting issues that caused my app to not compile. I was able to Google my way out of these issues by tweaking the eslint file a bit myself. I’m still working on understanding the cause of these issues. I do have the VS Code extension called Prettier installed on my system, so perhaps that is interfering with the added eslint file? Although the eslint file I downloaded says that is extends Prettier. So I am still looking into this issue. I would like my system to work the same as the instructor’s so that I know it’s functioning correctly.

Yesterday, I started adding Firebase functionality to the app as I was following along with the instructor. More on that later.